Traditionally, safety engineers have relied on text-/table-based solutions for the documentation of artifacts created during the development lifecycle. However, due to the increasing complexity of today's safety-critical embedded systems, these solutions do not scale properly and new approaches for development and documentation are required.

Fraunhofer IESE addresses this challenge by researching and developing integrated model-based safety engineering approaches, with a strong focus on architecture integration, traceability, reusability, and maintainability of safety-relevant artifacts. Under the umbrella of safeTbox we extend state of the art UML/SysML modeling tools (Enterprise Architect and MagicDraw) with respect to methods and techniques from the field of safety engineering. The selection thereby ranges from methods and techniques from the state of the practice (e.g. FTA, GSN) over state of the art (CFT, C²FT) to research (e.g. ConSerts, security-enhanced fault trees).